Over 4.5 Million Muslims Is Likely Perform Umrah in 6 Months

According to official statistics made public in the kingdom, more than 4.5 million Muslims from other countries have traveled to Saudi Arabia in the last six months to do Umrah or a mini-pilgrimage.
4 million arrivals via flight were included in the data, which covered the time from the beginning of the Islamic Hijira year in late June through early this week, according to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
Pakistanis came in second with 792,208, followed by Indonesians with 1 million Umrah pilgrims. Egyptian arrivals came in second with 306,480, followed by Indian arrivals in third place with 448,765.
In recent months, Saudi Arabia has released a variety of facilities for Muslims who want to travel there to do Umrah.

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