Omar Ayub says PTI will lead government nationally and in provinces

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s nominee for prime minister, Omar Ayub Khan, asserted on Tuesday that upon securing the position, he would relinquish it to Imran Khan. Speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Jhari Kas interchange of Hazara Motorway, marking his official return to the city after winning the Feb 8 elections and being in seclusion for over nine months, Khan expressed gratitude to his backers. Accompanied by a motorcade, supporters escorted the newly elected MNA and PTI general secretary to his office in Haripur.

Having been elected from his native constituency for the fourth consecutive time, Khan thanked Imran Khan for endorsing his candidacy for the prime minister’s office, considering it a tribute to the people of Haripur. He pledged to first secure the release of Imran Khan and all detained PTI members upon assuming office, before passing the baton back to Imran Khan. Despite facing numerous challenges, including teargas, violence, legal battles, and police raids, Khan remained resolute, attributing his perseverance to his commitment to principles.

Reflecting on personal hardships, Khan shared the struggle of balancing political duties with attending to his ailing father, Gohar Ayub Khan, a former federal minister, who passed away while Khan was by his side. Khan lamented being denied the opportunity to properly bid farewell to his father due to heavy police presence. Yet, he emphasized that his family’s steadfastness was a testament to their adherence to truth and loyalty.

Asserting their unwavering support for Imran Khan and the party, Khan underscored the defeat of those who opted for opportunistic deals over principled politics. He expressed confidence in PTI’s ability to form governments at both the federal and provincial levels, envisioning a future of progress and prosperity for the nation.

Former provincial minister Yousuf Ayub Khan and Raja Ehtesham also delivered remarks at the gathering.

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