Nawaz Sharif credits Shehbaz Sharif with preventing Pakistan’s financial crisis

At the PML-N party gathering held in London, Nawaz Sharif, the party’s leader, pointed fingers at the PTI, attributing the high inflation in Pakistan to their policies. He voiced his apprehension about the compromise of national interests in favor of one individual’s gains. Noteworthy attendees at the meeting included prominent PML-N figures such as Shehbaz Sharif, Muhammad Zubair, Atta Tarar, Malik Ahmad Khan, and Abid Sher Ali.

Beyond addressing the pressing issue of inflation, the meeting delved into the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the NAB amendments. This verdict holds significant implications for the country’s accountability and transparency efforts.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that Nawaz Sharif is slated to return to Pakistan on October 21. His impending return carries great anticipation among PML-N supporters and is poised to wield substantial influence on the nation’s political landscape.

Within the meeting, Nawaz Sharif commended his brother Shehbaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister, for his tireless endeavors in averting financial default and stabilizing the economy during challenging times. This recognition underscores Shehbaz Sharif’s pivotal role in economic stability.

In summary, the gathering provided a platform for PML-N leaders to deliberate on pivotal matters and strategize for the future. Nawaz Sharif’s statements shed light on the party’s stance regarding inflation, accountability, and the roles of key figures in Pakistan’s political milieu.

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