NASA gives a special invitation to 13-year-old Bisma from Pakistan, inviting her to the United States in recognition of her remarkable invention of “Anti Sleep Glasses for Drivers”

Bisma Salangi, a 13-year-old student from Karachi’s Evergreen Secondary School, has garnered recognition from NASA for her impressive achievements. Her invention of a specialized pair of glasses aimed at preventing drivers from falling asleep while driving has captured attention for its potential to reduce accidents and promote road safety. Impressed by her invention, NASA has extended a special invitation to Bisma, inviting her to their camp to further develop her skills and create more amazing devices.

During an interview with a local news network, Bisma Salangi emphasized the capabilities of Pakistanis and the significance of determination in achieving remarkable feats.

Drowsy driving poses a significant danger to drivers and others on the road, not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, a considerable number of road traffic incidents are caused by fatigue-related accidents.

When drivers experience drowsiness, it leads to reduced alertness, brief episodes of unintentional sleep, impaired decision-making, and an increased likelihood of drifting or veering from their lane. It is essential to raise awareness about the risks of drowsy driving, recognize signs of fatigue, prioritize getting enough rest, and encourage the use of alternative means of transportation.

Inventors like Bisma Salangi play a pivotal role in developing innovative solutions to address this issue. Their inventions have the potential to save numerous lives on the road, making a significant impact on road safety.

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