Muhammad Rizwan Refuses to Wear Jersey Sponsored by Surrogate Casino Website

Mohammad Rizwan, the captain of the Multan Sultans, showed his everlasting dedication to his beliefs by refusing to wear a shirt with the insignia of their sponsor, Wolf777 News. Even though he might get fined, Rizwan covered over the sponsor’s emblem on his shirt.

Multan Sultans have signed a partnership with Wolf777 News, which is a sports site operating from However, if you search for Wolf777 on Google, the first few search results also show, which is a live online casino website. Betting or casino websites usually use surrogate websites in the guise of news to promote their businesses.

Rizwan’s abrupt change of heart is surprising considering that he sported the Wolf777 News emblem on his jersey during the PSL 8 group stages.

The Wolf777 News-sponsored Multan Sultans last year released the following statement in response to inquiries from the Pakistan Cricket Board over claims that their partners were promoting betting and gambling through their various websites.

Multan Sultans: “Wolf777 News is a sports website that is trying to compete on a regional level with other sports news websites. Multan Sultans categorically denies the speculation that Wolf777 News has any connection to betting or gambling, and there are no links or tabs on its portal to any betting or gambling websites. Our association is with Wolf777News only.

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