Motorway Police Announces Significant Traffic Fine Increase – Find Updated Fine Details Here

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) is implementing significant increases in traffic fines as part of its efforts to curb violations and enhance road safety.

Commencing from October 1, 2023, these updated traffic fines aim to promote safer driving practices. The NHMP is actively conducting awareness campaigns through various media channels to ensure the public is well-informed about these changes.

The revised fines for specific traffic violations are as follows:

  1. Overspeeding: The fine for exceeding speed limits has been elevated from Rs750 to Rs2,500.
  2. Improper Overtaking: Violators will now face an increased fine of Rs1,500, up from Rs300.
  3. Driving at Night with Faulty Lights: This violation will incur a fine of Rs5,000, a significant rise from the previous Rs500 penalty.
  4. Negligence and Carelessness: The fine for such violations has been raised to Rs1,500, up from Rs300.
  5. Driving Without a License: Individuals caught driving without a valid license will now be fined Rs5,000, a substantial increase from the previous Rs750 fine.

In addition to these fine adjustments, the NHMP has introduced new guidelines for traffic laws, including penalties for unauthorized use of police lights and other violations:

  1. Unauthorized Use of Police Lights: Those found using police lights without authorization will face a fine of Rs5,000.
  2. Use of HID Lights: Improper use of HID lights will result in a Rs1,000 fine.
  3. Use of Fancy Number Plates: Inappropriate use of fancy number plates will lead to fines of Rs2,000.

These changes were collectively agreed upon during a recent meeting of senior NHMP officials, with the goal of fostering safer road conditions and encouraging adherence to traffic regulations.

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