Mohammad Hafeez, the former team director, is still waiting for payment from the PCB

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Muhammad Hafeez has yet to receive his rightful payment from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for his services, despite several months having passed since his association with the board.

Hafeez assumed the role of director of the national team during Zaka Ashraf’s tenure in the PCB management committee. However, reports suggest that he has not been remunerated for his contributions to the board, raising concerns regarding the PCB’s payment and administrative procedures.

During his tenure with the PCB, Hafeez also served as the head coach for the team’s tours to Australia and New Zealand. Regrettably, the team, captained by Shan Masood, faced defeats in all three Test matches against Australia.

Furthermore, the team encountered a significant setback in the T20 series against New Zealand, suffering a 4-1 loss under the leadership of Shaheen Afridi.

These disappointing performances garnered criticism from fans and experts alike, prompting questions about the team’s overall strategy and coaching methods.

Following a shift in leadership from Zaka Ashraf to Mohsin Naqvi, the PCB decided to revise its coaching strategy, resulting in uncertainty surrounding Hafeez’s role within the organization.

The change in direction and ensuing ambiguity led to the PCB announcing Hafeez’s departure as team director via social media.

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