Meteorologists have announced the onset of pre-monsoon rains

As per meteorological analyst Jawad Memon’s observations, it is anticipated that pre-monsoon showers will likely commence in Karachi during June, accompanied by favorable pre-monsoon rains expected in Sindh and southeastern Baluchistan.

Jawad Memon, a meteorologist from Geo News, reports that despite the overcast conditions in Karachi, there is a prevailing sense of moisture in the air. The velocity of sea winds in the Arabian Sea has escalated, resulting in elevated humidity levels caused by the combination of sea winds and increased temperatures. Consequently, the temperature has risen by approximately 4 to 5 degrees.

Furthermore, the onset of pre-monsoon rains is predicted to commence in June for Karachi, while Sindh, southeastern Baluchistan, and certain regions of Punjab are projected to experience above-average rainfall.

Jawad Memon highlights that if El Nino becomes active, it may lead to reduced rainfall in Sindh and Baluchistan compared to typical levels.

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