Messi Ordered 35 Gold iPhones worth PKR 5.8 Crore For his Team & Staff as a Gift of FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina’s star footballer Lionel Messi has a unique way of celebrating the team’s historic win in FIFA World Cup 2022 that was held in Qatar. He has ordered 35 gold iPhones, which he will be gifting to the team members as well as support staff. The iPhones’ combined worth is EUR 1,75,000 which roughly amounts to Rs 5.8 crore when converted to PKR.

As per a report in The Sun, the special gold devices have each player’s names, jersey numbers and the Argentinian logo engraved on them. The report also states that Messi had the phones delivered to his apartment over the weekend. Argentina won the FIFA World Cup 2022 by defeating France and this was Messi’s first world cup trophy.

The publication’s source told them that Messi had intended to do something ‘special and blingy’ to celebrate the moment. “He got in touch with entrepreneur Ben Lyons and they came up with the design together,” the publication’s source added.

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