Masjid al-Nabawi uses 30 tonnes of perfume every day

In the daily maintenance of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, Saudi authorities implement a comprehensive sterilization and aromatic protocol. Fawzi Al Hujaili, Deputy Chief of the General Authority for Care of the Two Holy Mosques for Services, detailed the thorough procedures. An impressive 115 tonnes of substances are dedicated to sterilizing rugs, accompanied by an additional 30 tonnes of perfume used daily to imbue the mosque with a delightful ambiance.

This meticulous process extends to various elements of the mosque, including the floors, where 110 tonnes are utilized for disinfection. The scale of this endeavor is highlighted by the deployment of over 600 devices operated by well-trained personnel. As the second holiest site in Islam, the Prophet’s Mosque attracts millions of Muslims globally who gather for prayers and visits to the revered tomb of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). These exacting measures not only emphasize the dedication to hygiene but also contribute to preserving the sanctity of the space, ensuring it remains a pristine and hospitable destination for devout followers of Islam worldwide.

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