Karachi will host 11 PSL games, including the final

The tentative schedule for the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 has been disclosed, outlining Karachi as the host for 11 matches, including the final, scheduled to take place from February 17 to March 17. Lahore and Rawalpindi are projected to host nine matches each, while Multan is expected to be the venue for five matches.

Although the official schedule from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is yet to be formally announced and is subject to potential changes, the current delay is attributed to Pakistan’s international commitments. Once confirmed, the PCB will release the official schedule. The leaked plan provides insights into the host cities for various matchups, with Karachi playing a significant role. However, a source from the PCB hints that the schedule is not finalized, and adjustments may be made.

The uncertainty surrounding the general elections, initially slated for February 8, and a Senate resolution on Friday to postpone them could also impact the PSL schedule. If the elections are indeed postponed, there might be slight modifications to the schedule of the country’s premier T20 league.

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