Maryam Nawaz promise to build five IT cities in Punjab within five years as chief minister

Maryam Nawaz, nominated by the PML-N as the potential Chief Minister of Punjab, has outlined a comprehensive set of objectives for her prospective five-year term. These objectives are designed to foster positive changes and advancements across various sectors.

Among her primary goals is the establishment of five IT cities, intended to catalyze technological progress and innovation within the region. Additionally, she aims to introduce interest-free loans to empower youth and bolster their entrepreneurial endeavors. Maryam Nawaz also envisions launching numerous IT projects to enhance Punjab’s technological infrastructure.

In the realm of healthcare, Maryam Nawaz seeks to elevate the quality of healthcare facilities by modernizing existing units and ensuring adequate equipment availability. She intends to revamp the healthcare system, advocating for universal access to free treatment and medication, irrespective of financial status, mirroring the privileges enjoyed by the affluent.

Moreover, Maryam Nawaz proposes the implementation of an air ambulance service to provide rapid medical assistance during emergencies. Recognizing the potential significance of becoming Punjab’s first female Chief Minister, she views this milestone as a pivotal moment for women throughout Pakistan, aspiring to inspire and empower them.

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