Mansha Pasha alleges that Jibran Nasir, a social activist, was apprehended in Karachi.

In a widely shared video statement circulating on social media, Mansha Pasha, the wife of prominent lawyer Jibran Nasir, disclosed that her husband was forcibly taken by a group of individuals. She narrated the incident, stating that while they were returning home after dinner, a white Vigo vehicle intercepted their car, nearly causing a collision.

Approximately 15 armed individuals seized Jibran Nasir against his will. Mansha, visibly overwhelmed by emotions, appealed to everyone to speak out and pray for her husband’s safe return. The news rapidly spread, resulting in the Twitter hashtag #ReleaseJibranNasir gaining significant traction.

Jibran Nasir, a former independent candidate in the 2018 general elections from Karachi, has gained recognition for his outspoken criticism of the recent government crackdown on the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) party and the legal proceedings concerning individuals accused of involvement in riots.

Although the precise motive behind his apprehension is still uncertain, Jibran Nasir’s latest tweet drew attention to Islamabad. He urged against any public acts of vandalism or violence by Abdul Aziz, emphasizing that Aziz should not be perceived as an independent actor.

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