Lahore cop rescues woman in Arabic shirt from confusion, explains situation

Gulberg Circle Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Shehr Bano Naqvi, who intervened to protect a young woman from a mob attack in Lahore, stated that the incident arose from “mere confusion” and “miscommunication.”

The tumult occurred a day earlier when an agitated crowd gathered outside a shop in Lahore’s bustling Ichra Bazaar, alleging that a woman’s attire bore Quranic verses.

Eyewitnesses noted that most individuals in the crowd were either customers, bystanders, or visitors, while garment traders, aware of the calligraphic print’s availability, attempted to clarify the situation. However, despite explanations, some zealous members insisted on pursuing a “blasphemy” charge.

A viral video depicted the distressed woman seeking refuge in a shop, visibly trembling with fear.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, certain police officials contacted their superiors. Subsequently, a police team led by ASP Shehr Bano intervened, securing the woman’s safety and transferring her to the police station under heightened security measures.

In a Punjab police video, ASP Shehr Bano was seen escorting the woman away from the bazaar amidst a backdrop of verbal abuse from the mob. Another clip showed her addressing the crowd, urging them to trust the police’s assurances that no blasphemous act had occurred.

Providing details on the incident, ASP Shehr Bano recounted the sequence of events, emphasizing the tense atmosphere and the crowded surroundings, which hampered police access.

She elaborated on the challenges faced during the operation, particularly in safely transporting the woman to the police vehicle.

Regarding the woman’s identity, ASP Shehr Bano declined to disclose it, affirming that the calligraphy on her attire did not contain Quranic verses but rather represented concepts like sincerity, love, and humanity.

She clarified that the situation stemmed from a misunderstanding and emphasized the importance of verification and avoiding mob mentality.

ASP Shehr Bano stressed the priority of safeguarding the woman’s dignity and ensuring justice through due process.

She emphasized the need for long-term considerations and highlighted the significance of clarifying the circumstances to protect the victim’s well-being.

ASP Shehr Bano concluded by emphasizing that this incident should serve as an example of the importance of thorough investigation preceding action.

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