King Saud University in Saudi Arabia has made it into the Guinness World Records with the biggest dental hospital globally

King Saud University has achieved a historic milestone by securing a place in the Guinness World Records for its dental hospital, recognized as the largest of its kind on a global scale.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Suqair, standing in for the university president, proudly accepted the certificate of registration for the University Dental Hospital, boasting an expansive area of 37,165.12 square meters. A special ceremony commemorated this remarkable feat, graced by university dignitaries, including Dr. Yazid Al-Sheikh and Dr. Ahmed Al-Harsi. Dr. Ahmed Al-Harsi emphasized the university’s commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services, advancing educational endeavors, facilitating medical training, and nurturing scientific research, all in line with the ambitious objectives outlined in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The University Medical City, home to the dental hospital, has garnered global recognition for its exceptional contributions in therapeutic care, pioneering medical research, and innovative patents, positioning its staff among the world’s leading healthcare providers.

Dr. Saleh bin Abdul Rahman bin Saleh, Executive Director of Strategic Planning at the University Medical City, highlighted the institution’s advancements across various sectors, encompassing healthcare, academia, research, technology, and administration. Significantly, the Medical City’s outstanding performance has earned it a distinguished placement in the international ranking of the top 250 hospitals worldwide, ranking 64th globally and third nationally.

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