Karachi’s DHA Phase 6 boutique looted just 8 hours after opening

In Karachi’s Defense area, a boutique recently encountered a distressing event as intruders forcefully entered and plundered the entire store.

The targeted establishment, Embracing Elegance Boutique situated in DHA Phase 6, Hyayaban Ittihad Commercial Lane 2, adjacent to Ghari Police Station, was the brainchild of Maha Sheikh. The boutique boasted a collection of clothing, jewelry, and assorted merchandise curated from renowned local and international designers.

Remarkably, the theft occurred shortly after the boutique’s inauguration on Thursday, February 1, commencing at 10 pm, catching everyone off guard within the initial 8 hours of operation. Expressing urgency, Maha Sheikh, the proprietor, has urged the Sindh Inspector General and the Karachi Additional Inspector General to swiftly address this alarming incident. Additionally, she has implored the police station’s authority to expedite the recovery of the stolen inventory.

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