Karachi is the 9th most polluted city globally, according to the Air Quality Index

In Karachi, residents are contending with escalating air pollution, aggravated by declining temperatures. The Met Office forecasts further drops, with a minimum temperature of 15.5 Celsius driven by northern winds. Presently standing at the 9th position on the global Air Quality Index (AQI), the city records a particulate matter reading of 156, categorizing its air quality as “very unhealthy.”

Health experts recommend the use of masks, curbing outdoor activities—especially during peak pollution hours—emphasizing that an AQI ranging from 151-200 is deemed unhealthy. Winter exacerbates the problem as denser air causes harmful particles to settle, creating a layer of pollutants like carbon and smoke. This issue persists throughout the winter season, posing increased health risks at its onset.

Despite the usual role of southwestern sea winds acting as a natural filter for Karachi’s air, these winds remain stagnant during winter. This highlights the imperative for immediate preventive measures and heightened public awareness to counteract the health hazards associated with the city’s deteriorating air quality. Collaboration among citizens, authorities, and environmental initiatives is paramount to effectively address and alleviate the multifaceted factors contributing to Karachi’s pollution challenges.

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