IT Minister Calls on Companies to Support Pakistani Startups

Umar Saif, serving as the Caretaker Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication in Pakistan, addressed an investment conference in Islamabad, where he strongly encouraged companies to consider investing in Pakistani startups due to the abundant opportunities within the sector.

During his speech, Minister Saif emphasized Pakistan’s favorable time zone and the presence of a highly skilled IT workforce. He also highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts in digitalization, including the ambitious goal of training 200,000 IT professionals nationwide.

Minister Saif elaborated on the government’s commitment to supporting startups and mitigating the risks they encounter. He outlined a comprehensive plan to bolster the IT industry, assuring that there would be no restrictions on dollar transactions within this sector. The government is determined to eliminate any obstacles that could impede its growth.

Furthermore, Minister Saif pointed out that Pakistani youth constitute the world’s second-largest online workforce. Efforts are underway to facilitate their access to payments, making it easier for them to receive compensation for their work.

Notably, Minister Saif underscored the government’s dedication to attracting global investments into the IT industry. Since assuming office in the interim government, he has been actively advocating for the growth of Pakistan’s IT and startup ecosystem. Recently, he engaged in discussions with a delegation from the World Bank to explore shared interests and the “Digital Economy Enhancement Project.”

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