Iran to Hold Presidential Election on June 28

Iran will hold its presidential election on June 28, following a decision made during an emergency meeting led by interim president Mohammad Mokhber. The meeting was convened after the tragic death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash.

Prospective candidates can register from May 30 to June 3. The campaign period will run from June 12 to June 27, allowing candidates to present their platforms to the public.

Interim president Mohammad Mokhber, appointed on Monday, will oversee a council responsible for managing the country’s executive affairs during this transitional period. The council’s main task is to ensure the election is organized and conducted smoothly within the next 50 days. Mokhber’s leadership during this critical time is vital as Iran prepares for a new presidential term amidst the sudden and unexpected loss of its sitting president. The council will work diligently to maintain stability and ensure that the electoral process is fair and transparent, providing the people of Iran the opportunity to choose their next leader.

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