iPhone 15 Pro Max durability test reveals unexpected twist

Zack Nelson, renowned for his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, recently conducted a durability test on the new iPhone 15 Pro Max, garnering significant interest due to its status as Apple’s largest and most expensive phone.

Initially, Zack examined the phone’s premium materials, such as the brushed titanium and etched glass on the rear, which he found quite impressive. He proceeded to scratch the screen, constructed with something called Ceramic Shield, and it demonstrated resilience. Even when he subjected the selfie camera to scraping, it remained safeguarded by the Ceramic Shield.

Here’s where the test took an intriguing turn. Zack utilized a box cutter to scratch the side of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, exposing the titanium frame beneath. To everyone’s surprise, when he attempted to bend the phone, the back glass unexpectedly cracked, a departure from the typical iPhone durability.

Zack speculated that the titanium frame might be the culprit, so he conducted a similar test on the smaller iPhone 15 Pro, which didn’t exhibit this issue. In a final assessment, he applied a blowtorch to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it admirably withstood the heat and scratches.

In summary, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max proved its mettle against scratches and heat, it exhibited an unexpected vulnerability when it came to bending. Even in the realm of sturdy smartphones, limitations exist.

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