Indian automaker set to launch world’s first CNG bike

On Friday, Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, shared thrilling news, announcing the imminent launch of India’s first CNG-powered motorcycle crafted by Bajaj Auto, slated to debut in June. This forthcoming bike, anticipated to belong to the 100-125cc segment, is tailored for consumers prioritizing fuel efficiency and mileage, and will debut under a fresh brand name.

The CNG motorcycle is expected to carry a premium price tag compared to conventional petrol bikes due to additional manufacturing costs and the incorporation of a specialized tank to accommodate both petrol and CNG fuels. Despite the initial investment, customers can anticipate significant savings on operational expenses, with estimated costs projected to be half of those associated with petrol motorcycles in the same engine category.

Rajiv Bajaj also lauded the government’s endeavors to expand the CNG pump network nationwide. He highlighted the increasing popularity of CNG vehicles in regions witnessing improved fuel availability, indicating a favorable shift towards alternative fuel options.

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