Imran Khan says ‘merit’ should determine army chief appointment

  • Imran says Sharifs want ‘their own army chief because they want to steal’
  • Punjab reconstitutes JIT to probe attack on Imran
  • Imran vows to fight for freedom till ‘last breath’

PTI terminates membership of Khurram Hameed Khan Rokhri

The PTI has terminated the membership of estranged leader Major (retired) Khurram Hameed Khan Rokhri for violating party policy and speaking on the media against the party’s stance without permission, according to a termination notice issued today.

The notice, a copy of which is available with, said Rokhri was now “no more in PTI” and called on media groups to not invite him as a party member or face legal action as a result.

Imran wants nation to participate in long march

PTI chief Imran Khan has called on the nation to participate in the party’s long march for future generations.

“If we act like sheep, then God will let us remain like this,” he said, urging the nation to fight for their freedom and their rights.

He went on to say that nations seldom had the chance to change their fate but said that now was the time for Pakistan.

Imran wants army chief’s appointment to be made according to merit

Former premier Imran Khan has said that the appointment of the next chief of army staff (COAS) must be made according to merit.

However, he said that those in power had not done anything on merit and questioned if they would rightfully select the army chief on merit.

“They want their own army chief because they want to steal.”

Prosperous countries have strong institutions: Imran

PTI chief Imran Khan said that the “thieves” had come into power because of their “handlers”.

“There is murder of morality in this country,” he said, adding that such things don’t occur in civilised countries.

“These thieves have only one other achievement apart from their corruption, they managed to slowly finish their cases,” he said, adding that they had wreaked havoc in the country.

He went on to say that a country is unable to prosper when it forgets its morals.

“Prosperous countries have strong institutions. What they are doing in London is dramatics,” he said, claiming that Nawaz Sharif had never looked at merit when making appointments.

No rule of law in Pakistan, Imran laments

Lashing out at the Sharifs, PTI chairman Imran Khan said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif went to London to visit Nawaz Sharif to discuss “the most important position in Pakistan”.

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