Imran claims propaganda cell ‘feeding journalists’ against him

  • Imran no longer blames US for his ouster
  • PTI moves SC registries against attack on Imran
  • Imran ‘hopeful’ CJP will provide justice
  • PTI chairman claims propaganda cell ‘feeding journalists’ against him

Imran urges Insaf Students Federation to mobilise youth for long march

PTI chairman Imran Khan has urged the Insaf Students’ Federation to mobilise youth to ensure their participation in the party’s long march.

Want friendship with everyone but slavery of none: Imran

Talking about his stance on diplomatic relations with the US, Imran stated that he wanted Pakistan to be on friendly terms with all countries but would not accept slavery at any cost.

“We can even be friends with India if the Kashmir issue is solved. But we won’t be slaves of anyone,” the former premier said in an address via video link today.

Imran said that he always wanted an independent foreign policy for Pakistan. “The foreign policy we have right now does not protect the people of Pakistan, it instead saves the interest of other countries.

“We don’t want enmity with anyone. We want good relations with everyone, but not slavery,” he reiterated.

Imran says propaganda cell ‘feeding journalists’ against him

Imran Khan, in an address via video link today, said that a propaganda cell in Pakistan was “feeding journalists” against him.

“They [the journalists] are told to pick and choose things from my interview and then turn those against me,” the former premier claimed, adding that the propaganda cell was trying to misconstrue his words.

Imran went on to say that the propaganda had reached the extent where two journalists had to clarify that their work was being “presented in an incorrect way”.

‘How can Shehbaz consult a convict for COAS appointment?’

Former premier Imran Khan lashed out at the Sharif brothers, questioning how Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif could consult with a convict on the appointment of the new army chief.

“This is a violation of the Official Secrets Act. We will consult our lawyers […] How can he consult with an absconder and a convict regarding such an important decision.”

He questioned whether Nawaz Sharif, who was in London, would be allowed to take decisions about the country’s future. “Does he have any stake in Pakistan? His children are sitting abroad […] will this man decide about holding elections?”

He said that Nawaz would never take decisions in Pakistan’s interests and would just think about protecting his own.

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