“I made sure my kids didn’t get smartphones until they were 14. so they had a Healthy Sleep Routine and Didn’t Stare at Screens” – Bill Gates

Renowned tech mogul Bill Gates recently shared his perspective on the appropriate age for children to start using smartphones. He disclosed that he permitted his own children to have smartphones at the age of 14, underscoring the importance of maintaining healthy sleep habits and limiting screen time.

While Gates’ children are now older, his stance on utilizing Apple products remains stringent, partly due to his historical rivalry with Steve Jobs. Consequently, his children face restrictions on certain Apple devices.

Esteemed experts such as James P. Steyer, leader of Common Sense Media, endorse Gates’ parenting strategy, emphasizing the significance of a child’s maturity level over their chronological age in determining smartphone readiness.

PBS Parents, a trusted authority, advises parents to assess their child’s independence and accountability before granting them a phone. It’s crucial to evaluate their ability to manage time effectively and comprehend online safety protocols.

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