Hotel In Dubai to Give 1000 meals to Delivery Drivers in Ramzan

In the spirit of sharing this Ramadan, Rove Hotels will be giving away 1,000 Iftar meals to the hard-working delivery drivers across the city. During the week prior to Ramadan, delivery drivers attending business at Rove properties will be handed 2 complimentary Iftar vouchers, one for themselves and one to pass onto a friend or loved one. These vouchers can then be redeemed for an Iftar buffet meal during the first 7 days of Ramadan.

By running this initiative, Rove Hotels hopes to build on this idea of community and, in the process, do its part to show kindness to some of the dedicated individuals that play such an integral part of life in Dubai.

‘At Rove we believe that everyone needs time to unwind and re-connect with their loved ones. Delivery drivers are an integral part of the city’s life, they are constantly on the move, working-hard and we rarely get a chance to show our appreciation. This Ramadan, we want to change that by inviting them for an Iftar meal at our properties and letting them enjoy a small break from their busy lives’ said Paul Bridger, COO of Rove Hotels.

*1,000 meal vouchers will be distributed to delivery drivers in the weeks prior to Ramadan which can then be redeemed for Iftar meals at one of the 8 The Daily restaurants.

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