Gwadar International Airport Secures Approval for Nighttime Landings

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced on Sunday that Gwadar International Airport has been granted permission for night-time landings. In preparation for operations starting in September, the CAA has provided instructions to all airlines and aviation businesses. However, it should be noted that overnight aircraft parking will not be allowed.

The Gwadar International Airport, being developed under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) by the China and Pakistan Aviation Authority (PAA), will accommodate a range of aircraft including the ATR 72, Airbus A-300, Boeing 737, and Boeing 747 for both domestic and international flights. Anticipated to be the largest airport in Pakistan, it is scheduled to officially commence international travel in September of this year.

In March, Federal Construction Minister Ahsan Iqbal directed the CAA to complete all airport construction projects by September 2023. Additionally, he requested a detailed plan of action from the authority outlining the remaining tasks to be executed and implemented within three days.

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