Bill Gates predicts that a groundbreaking technology is on the horizon, set to revolutionize the way we search and potentially surpass Google’s dominance in the field.

According to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the widely acclaimed ruler of the Internet, Google Search, may soon face a formidable challenger in the form of a new technology.

During a conference in San Francisco, Gates made a prediction, stating that if artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to evolve at its current pace, services like Google Search and Amazon will become obsolete in the near future.

Gates firmly believes that AI technology will play a pivotal role in shaping the future economy. He envisions that if a new AI tool can comprehend human thought patterns, needs, and emotions, it will profoundly impact human behavior.

Gates expressed his belief that individuals will no longer rely on search engines or turn to Amazon once this AI tool becomes a reality. He stated, “You’ll never go to a search site again; you’ll never turn to Amazon.”

While acknowledging the intense competition among AI companies, Gates expressed confidence in Microsoft’s ability to lead the development of a groundbreaking AI tool. He remarked, “I would be disappointed if Microsoft couldn’t do it at this point.”

However, Gates cautioned that the emergence of powerful AI tools will undoubtedly affect the business models of major technology companies. He also issued a warning about the potential displacement of human workers by robots equipped with AI technology, which could impact both industrial and white-collar sectors.

In summary, Bill Gates envisions a future where a new AI technology surpasses Google Search, revolutionizes human behavior, and potentially disrupts the job market, prompting significant changes in various industries.

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