Government of Punjab has raised bus fares by as much as 267%.

The Punjab Government has reported a significant increase in transportation costs, with a surge of up to 267%. This increase will affect non-AC buses, and the decision has stunned the community already struggling with the soaring cost of living. As a result of this massive hike, essential transportation services may no longer be accessible to the public.

Starting from April 25, the new rates came into effect as inflation continued to rise. Individuals affected by inflation are concerned that this situation will make travel almost unaffordable. Based on reports, the fares for intercity buses will increase by 265%, while those for intracity buses will increase by 267%. A four-kilometer trip previously cost Rs. 14, but with an additional Rs. 33, this fee will now be Rs. 47.

Due to the high cost of fuel, more people are shifting from private transportation like cars and motorcycles to public transportation. However, with the steep increase in transportation costs, people may have no other option but to cycle or walk to their destinations.

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