Former spinner Mushtaq Ahmed suggests that Babar Azam should take a break, similar to Virat Kohli

Former Pakistani spinner Mushtaq Ahmed has recommended that Babar Azam, the standout batsman, contemplate a break from cricket in light of his recent struggles in form. Drawing parallels with Indian batsman Virat Kohli, Mushtaq highlighted how Kohli, when faced with a slump in form, opted for a break and subsequently made a successful comeback.

Babar has encountered challenges in the ongoing three-match Test series against Australia, tallying only 77 runs across four innings. Mushtaq voiced his concerns in an interview, stressing that the management should have advised Babar to take a hiatus, especially in light of his recent difficulties in tournaments like the Asia Cup and World Cup.

Mushtaq Ahmed’s suggestion aligns with a common practice in cricket, where players, even the best ones, occasionally opt for breaks to rejuvenate and rediscover their form. This underscores the significance of mental and physical well-being in a player’s overall performance on the field.

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