Farewell Zoom and Google Meet? WhatsApp Introduces Screen-Sharing for Video Calls

WhatsApp is rolling out a fresh feature that enables users to share their computer or mobile device screens during video calls. This innovation proves particularly handy for collaborative work, presentations, and troubleshooting from a distance. Essentially, WhatsApp now empowers users to conduct online meetings seamlessly, greatly facilitating communication.

While engaged in a video call, a new button located at the lower part of the screen permits individuals to initiate screen sharing with all participants on the call. This functionality showcases the entire content visible on the user’s screen, including messages, and the shared screen content can be recorded and distributed among call participants. To ensure uninterrupted interactions, it’s advisable to activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode or a similar setting.

Users retain complete control over this feature and can cease screen sharing at their discretion. To access this capability, it’s necessary to acquire the latest beta version of the app. To safeguard the privacy of conversations, the app, under the ownership of Meta, has implemented an additional safeguard: screen recording will only be shared once consent is granted by the individual sharing their screen.

Presently, this update is exclusively accessible to beta version testers. However, these new attributes are anticipated to become accessible to all users within a matter of weeks, following a wider release.

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