Bajas Sales and Usage Banned in Karachi for Independence Day

In response to concerns regarding noise pollution during the upcoming Independence Day festivities, a judge has issued a firm order to address the use of vuvuzelas (toy horns) by both vendors and individuals. The aim of this directive is to curtail the prevalent practice of employing these loud horns during the celebratory event.

With Independence Day on the horizon, it has become customary to observe vuvuzelas being offered for sale alongside other items at stalls throughout the nation.

In light of this concern, the judge has directed law enforcement to rigorously implement measures against the sale and utilization of vuvuzelas, invoking a specific section of the Criminal Procedure Code. Police officers have been explicitly instructed to take proactive steps against those involved in vending or using these clamorous playthings, drawing upon legal provisions outlined in the Pakistan Penal Code.

As the 14th of August draws near each year, people commemorate Independence Day by adorning vehicles with green hues and the flags of Pakistan. Furthermore, homes, markets, and streets are embellished with flags and illuminations, serving as expressions of patriotic devotion during this special occasion.

This year’s celebration of Independence Day will mark the 76th anniversary of Pakistan’s attainment of independence.

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