Due to an internet outage, Fiverr has marked profiles of freelancers from Pakistan as unavailable.

Following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and the resulting outpouring of anger from the Pakistani people, the government has shut down internet service throughout the country. This has caused significant losses for digital service providers, with restricted access to major social media platforms and Fiverr updating Pakistani freelancer profiles as unavailable due to the internet outage.

The suspension of broadband service, amidst rising inflation, a major economic crisis, and violent protests resulting in public property damage, could have significant economic consequences. Fiverr, a major digital service provider, has issued a warning to clients worldwide that Pakistani freelancers are currently located in a country experiencing internet outages, which may result in delays and a reduction in the number of orders being placed.

Freelancers in Pakistan are unhappy with the automatic switch to unavailable mode for their accounts and the removal of their gigs. Given the ongoing political unrest and violent protests, this action raises serious questions about the economic future of Pakistan.

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