Dubai Sets World Record with Taller “Hatta” Sign than Hollywood’s

Dubai’s Hatta Mountain sign, designed in the style reminiscent of Hollywood, has attained a Guinness World Record as the tallest landmark sign, soaring to a remarkable height of 19.28 meters. Perched atop the Hajar Mountains, it serves as a welcoming beacon to visitors exploring the burgeoning tourist destination of Hatta.

Remarkably, this iconic landmark surpasses the renowned Hollywood sign, which stands at 13.7 meters in comparison, and it illuminates the night sky with a radiance akin to its famous counterpart. Accessible solely on foot, reaching the Hatta sign entails a scenic 30-minute hike from Hatta Wadi Hub. Hatta, nestled near the Oman border, has become a favored haven for adventure enthusiasts, offering a spectrum of activities including mountain biking and kayaking.

Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan incorporates the Hatta Master Development Plan, envisioning a substantial augmentation of tourism, commerce, and investment in the region. The plan outlines the creation of a beach, a new lake, a cable railway, hotels, and an extensive network of bicycle paths. Dubai Tourism has also launched the “The Highlands of Dubai” campaign, aimed at showcasing the natural splendor and temperate climate of this mountainous region, further enhancing its allure to visitors.

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