Court resumes hearing in Imran’s disqualification case today

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) will hear the case pertaining to the disqualification of former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan over hiding his daughter Tyrian Jade White in the nomination papers today (Monday).

The IHC has sought to hear arguments from the petitioner, who is a lawyer by profession, after the petition against Imran’s disqualification was accepted. IHC Judge Justice Umar Farooq, after conducting a hearing on a petition filed by a citizen, Muhammad Sajid, had issued a written order, directing the petitioner’s counsel Barrister Hasnain Ali Ramzan to present arguments on the next hearing over the acceptance of his petition.

The court had said that there is a basic question over the acceptance of petition regarding the disqualification of a member of National Assembly. It further said the petitioner should assist the court in the light of the judgments of the Supreme Court.

According to the petitioner, the former prime minister’s daughter Tyrian Jade White is residing in the UK, for whose guardianship he made appropriate arrangements but hid the information about her in the nomination papers and affidavit.

The petitioner further said the PTI chief is aware that there is evidence against him, adding that in the past, he would deny about Tyrian and now he does not answer pertaining to this. The petitioner said Imran Khan cannot hold any public office or party head post. The petitioner said Imran Khan should be asked why the Article 62(1-F) should not be applied on him, adding that the PTI chief should be disqualified for not being Sadiq and Ameen.

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