China sends water-saving gear to Pakistan for smart farming

Tianjin Dayu Irrigation Group, a leading entity in China’s water-saving sector, has recently dispatched the inaugural shipment of equipment destined for the Million Acres of Green Pakistan Smart Farm Project. This endeavor aims to revolutionize agriculture in Pakistan through the integration of cutting-edge technology and irrigation systems. Among the equipment are sophisticated, intelligent irrigation systems that seamlessly integrate water and fertilizer distribution, earmarked for a 2,000-hectare expanse dedicated to cultivating various crops such as wheat, cotton, tomatoes, and corn.

This initiative aligns with Pakistan’s overarching goal of modernizing agricultural practices to enhance food production, vital for catering to its burgeoning population. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif kickstarted the Land Information and Management System (LIMS) initiative in July 2023, marking a pivotal step towards augmenting agricultural productivity. The Million Acres of Green Pakistan Smart Farm Project serves as a strategic response to this initiative, leveraging advanced technological solutions for agricultural advancement.

Ghulam Qadir, Pakistan’s Commercial Counselor in China, underscored the significance of harnessing advanced technology to elevate agricultural output and facilitate food exports. He expressed keen interest in fostering collaboration with Dayu Group across multiple domains, including flood prevention, early disaster warning systems, and rural sewage treatment.

Cui Jing, senior vice president of Dayu Group, highlighted the keen interest of Pakistani counterparts in Dayu’s initiatives concerning rural sewage treatment and ensuring the safety of farmers’ drinking water. Successful cooperation in these realms holds the promise of introducing analogous projects in Pakistan, thereby broadening the spectrum of collaboration between the two nations.

Pakistan grapples with chronic water scarcity issues, with a substantial portion of its water resources allocated to cultivating water-intensive crops like wheat, rice, sugar cane, and cotton. The partnership between Tianjin and Pakistan is geared towards fostering eco-friendly manufacturing practices and implementing water-conservation strategies in agriculture.

This collaboration seeks to transfer Tianjin’s wealth of experience in water management and conservation to Pakistan, with a specific emphasis on agricultural water preservation, ensuring the availability of safe drinking water for farmers, and implementing rural sewage treatment systems. Envisaged as a long-term alliance, this partnership aims to tackle the challenges posed by water scarcity while promoting sustainable agricultural methodologies in both nations.

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