Burj Khalifa lights up for Pakistan Independence Day amidst expat discontent

After a video circulated on social media, depicting the disappointment of numerous Pakistani individuals due to the omission of their country’s flag from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – the world’s tallest skyscraper – the Pakistan flag was proudly showcased on the edifice in honor of Independence Day. Traditionally, the Burj Khalifa would be illuminated with the Pakistani flag at midnight; however, this year, it radiantly adorned the Dubai skyline at around 9 PM on August 14th.

The official Instagram account of the Burj Khalifa conveyed warm regards to the people of Pakistan, extending wishes for a day brimming with pride, solidarity, and prosperity as they commemorated their nation’s heritage and accomplishments. The message also held aspirations for continued success and contentment for Pakistan and its populace. Joyful Independence Day!

Previously, a video surfaced from Dubai depicting numerous Pakistanis expressing their disappointment as the Burj Khalifa failed to illuminate with the Pakistani flag on their Independence Day at midnight. A gathering of individuals had congregated near the Burj Khalifa, eagerly anticipating the spectacle of their national flag’s colors adorning the iconic structure.

Much to their dismay, even minutes past midnight, the world’s tallest building remained unlit with the flag. Disheartened, the crowd began chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad,’ which translates to ‘Long Live Pakistan,’ in a show of solidarity for their homeland. A woman, recording the unfolding scene on her mobile phone, noted the time as 12:01 am, and conveyed that Dubai authorities had conveyed their decision not to illuminate the Burj Khalifa with the Pakistani flag. She expressed a sense of sadness, perceiving the situation as a jest at the expense of all Pakistanis.

The striking visual spectacle on the pinnacle of the world’s tallest edifice emerged as a powerful emblem of unity, encapsulating the essence of the occasion and affording a fleeting moment of jubilation to those celebrating their nation’s independence while residing away from home.

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