Babar Azam’s Presence Feels Like Discovering a Treasure : Ramiz Raja

Former Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, lauded Captain Babar Azam for his outstanding leadership skills, particularly given his relative youth. This indicates that Ramiz Raja believes Babar Azam has excelled in guiding the cricket team despite his limited experience as a captain.

During a television show that occurred during the World Cup in India, the host made a playful remark, jokingly asking if Ramiz Raja admired Babar to the extent of wanting to marry him. In response, Ramiz Raja clarified that his admiration for Babar was not of a romantic nature but rather a way to express his deep respect for the cricketer. In essence, he used strong language to praise Babar’s prowess and accomplishments as a cricket player.

Furthermore, Ramiz Raja went on to applaud Babar Azam’s contribution to Pakistan cricket, stating that he has established a new benchmark for the team. This means that Babar Azam’s performance and leadership have raised expectations and the overall quality of Pakistan cricket. Additionally, Ramiz Raja highlighted that Babar Azam is highly regarded as one of the world’s top batsmen, indicating that he has earned a prestigious reputation in international cricket for his batting skills.

In simpler terms, Ramiz Raja praised Babar Azam for his excellent captaincy despite his young age and clarified that his admiration was not romantic but rather a way of expressing his high regard for Babar’s cricketing abilities. He also commended Babar for elevating the overall standard of Pakistan cricket and recognized him as one of the world’s top batsmen.

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