A 40-Ton Mercedes-Benz E-Truck Covers 1,000 km with Just a Single Charging Stop

Mercedes-Benz has achieved a significant milestone with its eActros 600 electric truck prototype, successfully completing a challenging 1,000-kilometer journey through the demanding terrain of the Alps with just one charging stop.

This remarkable journey took the e-truck from Stuttgart, Germany, to Bolzano, Italy, and back, all while carrying a substantial 40-ton payload. The eActros 600 navigated steep hills and rugged terrain without the need for frequent charging stops.

Several key factors contributed to the success of this trip. The truck boasts an efficient drive system, a large lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a capacity exceeding 600 kWh, and robust recuperation capabilities.

Equipped with two electric motors, each delivering 400 kW of power and capable of peaking at over 600 kW, the eActros 600 initially boasted a range of approximately 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge. Furthermore, it can recharge from 20% to 80% in under 30 minutes.

Engineers designed this electric truck to withstand a rigorous operational life of 1.2 million kilometers over the span of a decade on the road. This achievement serves as a compelling demonstration of the potential of electric trucks for long-distance journeys.

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