Arshad Nadeem will receive overseas training if he regains peak fitness

Arshad Nadeem, Pakistan’s renowned javelin thrower, stands at a crucial juncture in his athletic journey as he recuperates from a right knee injury and dengue. Major General (retd) Mohammad Akram Sahi, the Chairman of the Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP), highlights the strategic decision to send Arshad abroad for training once he regains peak fitness. This move is prompted by Arshad’s unfortunate absence from the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou due to the lingering effects of his knee injury.

Salman Butt, Arshad’s coach, outlines comprehensive plans for the athlete’s rehabilitation, emphasizing the determination to prepare him for the upcoming Paris Olympics. Despite the formidable challenge of a six-month timeframe and Arshad’s ongoing recovery, Butt expresses confidence in Arshad’s ability to achieve complete fitness. The coach underscores the meticulous approach taken to address fitness concerns, including consultations with Dr. Bajwa in England. Additionally, there is contemplation about sending Arshad to England for specialized treatment if deemed necessary.

Arshad’s qualification for the Paris Olympics, secured with a silver medal in the World Athletics Championship in Hungary, positions him as a strong contender for a coveted Olympic medal. His journey is marked by resilience and determination, overcoming not only physical setbacks but also a recent battle with dengue.

The collaboration between sports authorities, coaches, and medical professionals reflects a holistic approach to Arshad’s rehabilitation. As Pakistan’s top javelin thrower, Arshad Nadeem’s path to the Paris Olympics is closely monitored and supported, with the collective goal of ensuring he achieves peak performance and secures a podium finish in this global sporting event.

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