Apple is developing a stronger iPhone battery for improved performance

Apple is reportedly in the process of developing an innovative battery that could significantly enhance the longevity of their devices. Anticipated to debut in Apple products slated for release in 2025 or beyond, this upgraded battery incorporates a novel approach to the cathode, employing a higher proportion of silicon in lieu of graphite. This shift is poised to augment the battery’s capacity and expedite charging. Overcoming the challenge posed by silicon’s tendency to expand during charging, Apple appears to have devised a solution.

While the precise performance enhancements of these new batteries remain undisclosed, even a marginal improvement could yield substantial benefits for users. Although Apple has not specified the devices slated to feature this innovative technology, expectations are high for its integration across a range of products, including iPhones, Watches, and Macs. This strategic adjustment is believed to align with the anticipated power demands of upcoming Mixed Reality (MR) products.

Speculation about Apple’s pursuit of a groundbreaking battery design has circulated since 2018, gaining momentum with the hiring of Soonho Ahn, a former Samsung SDI employee, to lead the battery development team in the subsequent year.

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