Shadab Khan says his poor performance is the reason for the team’s failure in the 2023 World Cup

Shadab Khan, the vice-captain of the Pakistan cricket team, attributed his team’s elimination from the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 to his own subpar performance. Expressing disappointment, he conceded that the entire team fell short of expectations but underscored the significance of using the experience to enhance their cricketing abilities.

Acknowledging his personal shortcomings, Shadab recognized the impact of his performance on the overall outcome for the team. He stressed the importance of individual accountability, stating his intention to scrutinize his mistakes upon his return to Pakistan.

While acknowledging collective errors, particularly in bowling, Shadab highlighted the necessity of adapting to contemporary cricket techniques in both batting and bowling. Dismissing the notion of placing blame solely on the captain, he asserted that every team member bears responsibility for the below-par performance.

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