A Unemployed man in Karachi took his own life after killing his wife and children while they were asleep

In a tragic incident that unfolded in the metropolis, a man purportedly committed suicide after fatally harming his wife and three children in their sleep within an apartment near Jinnah International Airport, as reported by the police on Monday.

A police team recovered the lifeless bodies of the family from an apartment situated in a multi-storey building near Karachi’s Wireless Gate area, according to law enforcement officials.

The authorities disclosed that Syed Ahsan Raza Rizvi took his own life by hanging with a rope after allegedly killing his wife and three children inside their apartment. Neighbors informed the police that Ahsan had been unemployed for some time.

Police mentioned discovering a 30-bore pistol and rounds at the crime scene, along with a note found in the living room instructing to open a file saved on his laptop.

Officials confirmed that the deceased man documented the entire incident in his note. The file contained a heartbreaking last message from Ahsan, confessing to the suicides and murders, citing a lack of alternatives and choosing “this easy option.”

“My wife and children were sleeping, and they don’t even know about my plan to murder them. I used a stolen pistol to shoot them,” the note stated. Ahsan mentioned saving another file on his laptop detailing his loans and requested that people should end his life if found alive.

Police initiated a thorough investigation to establish the facts surrounding the gruesome incident.

This incident bears similarities to a chilling episode in November 2022, where five family members in Karachi’s Malir area lost their lives. In that case, a man attempted suicide by slashing his throat after slaughtering his wife and three daughters, driven by financial hardships and losses in his trading business. The man, identified as Fawwad, survived and confessed to the heinous act.

The post-mortem of the five bodies from the recent incident was conducted at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, according to police surgeon Samia Saeed. The woman, Nida, was shot in the head, while six-year-old Jibrael and four-year-old Mikaeel were shot in the head and arm. Two-year-old Umme Hani was also shot in the head. Ahsan’s cause of death was suffocation due to a rope tied around his neck, and samples from all the bodies have been sent for chemical analysis.

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