A Japanese man who wanted to be a dog fails agility test and spends millions on his dream

Toco’s ambitious attempt to transform himself into a dog using a custom-made collie costume, despite a $14,000 investment, took a humorous turn during a Crufts-style agility course. Known for his ‘I Want To Be An Animal’ channel, the Japanese man shares his canine experiences, including dog walks and learning tricks.

In a video shared on Instagram, Toco comically navigates the agility course in his intricately crafted collie costume by Zeppet. The footage captures his amusing struggles, including collisions with hurdles and difficulties in executing jumps, highlighting the unexpected challenges of embodying a canine persona. The 40-day effort invested by Zeppet in designing the costume reflects Toco’s dedication to this unique and entertaining pursuit.

This venture not only demonstrates Toco’s creative and playful content creation approach but also emphasizes the unpredictability and lightheartedness involved in pursuing unconventional dreams. Despite the setback, Toco’s candid documentation resonates with his audience, providing a glimpse into the joyous, albeit challenging, world of realizing whimsical aspirations.

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