A Hamas official says there won’t be a ceasefire deal if Israeli attacks on Rafah continue

Hamas official Osama Hamdan has issued a warning, stating that if Israel persists with its military aggression in Rafah, any prospects of a ceasefire deal will evaporate, as per Reuters reports.

Hamdan conveyed this message during a press briefing in Beirut, coinciding with the arrival of a Hamas delegation from Gaza Strip in Cairo, transitioning from Doha, to further negotiations on a ceasefire, as per a statement from the group.

“We assert that any Israeli military operation in Rafah will not be taken lightly by the Israeli army,” Hamdan remarked.

He emphasized, “The onus is on Netanyahu,” stating that the latest ceasefire proposal, accepted by Hamas, “represents the bare minimum to address the demands of our people and our resistance.”

Regarding the Rafah crossing, Hamdan emphasized its status as a purely Egyptian-Palestinian passageway, both historically and in the future.

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