56-year-old Man Cut Up His Female Companion And Cooked the Organs in a Pressure Cooker

In a shocking incident in Mumbai, a 56-year-old man, identified as Manoj Sahani, brutally murdered his partner, Saraswati Wadia, using a chainsaw. Following the heinous act, the perpetrator proceeded to cook her dismembered body parts in a pressure cooker.

The horrifying crime took place in an apartment located on Meera Road. Subsequently, the police swiftly arrested the elderly man, charging him with murder.

Upon receiving complaints from concerned neighbors about a foul odor emanating from the flat, the police promptly conducted a raid. During the search, they discovered the gruesome remains of the victim.

The police investigation revealed that the accused had used a tree cutting saw to dismember the woman’s body before cooking the parts in a pressure cooker. He had then attempted to dispose of the remains by stuffing them into plastic bags. However, the timely arrival of the police prevented his disposal plans, and the authorities took custody of the body parts.

The police further stated that the motive behind the crime was an argument between Manoj and his female companion, which ultimately led to him hacking her to death.

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