“When We Returned to Pakistan, We Found People’s Love Was Unchanged,” Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan recently expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from Pakistani fans, stating, “When we returned to Pakistan, we felt the same strong love from the people as before.”

Addressing and dismissing rumors of internal conflicts within the team, Rizwan emphasized their unwavering dedication to Pakistan. He clarified, “When we step onto the field, our focus is solely on the game. Cricket is our passion and priority.” This statement aims to reassure fans about the team’s unity and commitment.

Rizwan underscored the team’s ethos of hard work and courage, stating, “We rely solely on hard work and bravery.” This reflects their dedication to their craft and approach to the game.

Furthermore, Rizwan highlighted that each Pakistani player represents not just the sport but also Islam and their nation. He remarked, “Every Pakistani is an ambassador of Islam and our country.” This emphasizes the players’ broader responsibility to their identity and nation.

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