Wasim Akram advised Shaheen Afridi to choose between becoming a cricket great or getting rich

In a recent disclosure, former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, Wasim Akram, shed light on Shaheen Afridi’s decision to temporarily step away from cricket. Akram clarified that Afridi independently chose the hiatus, underscoring that the team management had no influence on this decision. Renowned for his insightful commentary, Akram delved into the broader dilemma faced by players – the choice between pursuing financial success or refining their cricketing skills. Notably, he portrayed the T20 format as a lucrative avenue, framing it as a platform primarily for financial gains.

In contrast, another former captain, Waqar Younis, expressed optimism about Shaheen Afridi’s potential participation in the upcoming third Test. Younis linked this optimism to Afridi’s commendable performance in the second Test, emphasizing the significance of his on-field contributions. This divergence in perspectives among cricketing legends encapsulates the multifaceted nature of players’ decisions in the ever-evolving realm of cricket, where financial considerations and on-field excellence frequently intersect.

Afridi’s choice to take a break serves as a poignant reflection of the intricate balance players must strike while navigating their careers amid the dual demands of financial success and cricketing glory.

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