Vawda accuses Faiz Hameed of being the mastermind behind the NCA deal.

On Wednesday, former federal minister Faisal Vawda alleged that former ISI chief Faiz Hameed played a pivotal role in a £190 million settlement case, labeling him as the mastermind behind it.

“While everyone else is being implicated in the case, we seem to have overlooked one name: Lt-Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed, who was the driving force behind it,” Vawda stated during a media interaction following his appearance before the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for his statement regarding the NAB’s investigation into the £190 million NCA settlement.

While both Faisal Vawda and Sheikh Rashid were summoned by the NAB, only Faisal Vawda showed up, while Sheikh Rashid did not make an appearance. Sheikh Rashid’s lawyer submitted a written response, citing the large number of ministers in the cabinet and claiming that the relevant records were in possession of the government. The lawyer assured that Sheikh Rashid would attend the next session and respond to any inquiries. Vawda mentioned that the influence of Faiz Hameed was still noticeable in the Senate, emphasizing the need for accountability among politicians and bureaucrats alike.

Faisal Vawda disclosed that during his tenure as a federal minister, a sealed envelope containing pertinent information was presented during a cabinet meeting, and swift action was taken accordingly. In the written response submitted to the NAB on behalf of Sheikh Rashid, his lawyer expressed concerns over the presence of police at Sheikh Rashid’s residence, stating that he was in an undisclosed location and directed the lawyer to submit the written reply on his behalf, citing risks to his safety.

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