There are strong indications that the National Assembly of Pakistan is likely to dissolve on August 8th

According to reliable sources, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People‚Äôs Party (PPP) have reached a mutual agreement to dissolve the National Assembly on the 8th of August. This decision comes as the current constitutional five-year term of the assembly concludes on the 12th of August. As per the constitution’s provisions, general elections must be held within 60 days after the assembly’s term expires.

However, the parties have chosen to dissolve the assembly earlier to avoid any inconvenience, and the Pakistan Election Commission will then be tasked with conducting the general polls within 90 days.

Although August 9 or 10 were also considered during discussions, both parties ultimately settled on the 8th of August. If the President of Pakistan approves, the National Assembly will be dissolved, and the government will have 48 hours to fulfill its objective of early dissolution.

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