The government raised the petrol price by Rs. 4.53, making the new price Rs. 293.94 per liter

On Monday, the federal government announced a rise in petrol prices by Rs4.53, bringing the new rate to Rs293.94 per litre. Simultaneously, the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) increased by Rs8.14 per litre, setting the new price at Rs290.38.

These revised prices will come into effect from April 16, 2024.

During the last price adjustment, the government raised the petrol price by Rs9.66 per litre. However, they reduced the diesel price by Rs3.32 per litre at that time.

The updated prices signify an increase in both petrol and diesel costs, impacting individuals reliant on these fuels for transportation. These changes may influence transportation expenses and the broader economy, as higher fuel prices often lead to elevated prices for goods and services. Individuals may need to revise their budgets to accommodate these adjustments.

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